Healing on Higher Ground: Ten Wisdoms to Tell Your Doctor for Better Health & Care

by Renee Sutton and Christopher Paul

Do you want better and faster ways to recover? Are you struggling to get good care from medical providers? Are we making our conditions worse by how we hope? Or do you just need a dose of high hope and courage to recover?

Healing on Higher Ground is the compelling, true story of a young couple who is struck not once, but twice with life-threatening conditions. Faced with a medical community taught to hide hope, Renee Sutton and Christopher Paul tell how they reached beyond the standard medical care and predictions to heal.

Their inspirational odyssey through mainstream medicine and alternative approaches prove that a blended medical solution works. Their success came from applying ten age-old wisdoms usable by anyone.

Healing on Higher Ground will give the medical professional permission to feel and patients a chance for a complete recovery experience. All will gain a power to change the outcome of any health care issue.


Table of Contents

Chapters 1-2

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