Did You Hear?

Workshop and Client Feedback

"Glad I attended your workshop Saturday afternoon in Boulder...The workshop for me was an effective synthesis of many healing methods and approaches and helped me organize what I knew - creating in me that the sum is greater than its parts in my healing knowledge."

-"I am continuing gratefully to use jin shin. It really is a big help in my life to help move/release energy which otherwise gets "caught" in my field. Thanks,..."

-"I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I've been continuing my Jin Shin work at home and I still really love it. The techniques and skills you taught me are so invaluable...You may be pleased to hear that I am much healthier since I've last saw you. In addition to practicing Jin Shin, I've started seeing a naturapath practitioner/chiropractor...Learning Jin Shin TARA was a great foundation to begin this lifestyle change for me. Thank you so much for teaching it to me! You did a wonderful job!"

-"This morning during my "homework", which I did after my meditation, I experienced something quite surprising and wonderful. I was doing #13 on left side and coccyx and went through an initial set of body responses which I didn't recall after.....then my feet wanted to "run" and move in place, I had solar plexus "heat" and began to shake my head from side to side in a "no".....when that moved through me I had after an incredible sense of being in my body and relaxed on my Left side. I began doing very full and deep breathing up to my neck and down to my pelvis. It was amazing...Thank you for your continued encouragement."


Christopher Paul Music Comments

"I gave the CD to my dad and his wife. They loved it! It was AWESOME! They are already asking when will his next CD be out."
Sarah Dorris, a fan in Nashville Tennesse.
"The CD is so soothing it cures my headaches."
Donette Buxton, a fan in Nashville, Tennessee
"It is always exciting to hear a new talent. Christopher Paul's original compositions are refreshing, and I believe his music will be well received."
Steve Swann, Maple Street Music

"...extremely gifted guitarist and vocalist whose character and class set him apart from others in his field...ability to captivate an audience...earned respect of many in the music industry...and is now being duly recognized for his latest recording, Higher Ground."
Michael Lewis, Producer at Rushing Wind Music.
"A fabulous collection of music. I’m adding this to our programming immediately."
Michael Griffin, Muzak Inc.

 "A refreshing approach in a crowded world. Higher Ground is a definite keeper."
Keith Chambers, AEI Music Networks
"I loved this album from the first time I heard it. Higher Ground is a fine instrumental work, with a definite spot on our playlists."
Lou Simon, Music Choice Cable Radio
"I’m throwing out my Prozak. All I need is this album."
D.F. Brooklyn NY
"...A very high quality production..."
Steve Hibbard, Jones Radio Network, Denver CO.

"Not only is he a fine musician and composer, he is a man of character."
Joyce M. Rice, BMI Director of Writer & Publisher Relations

 "...a talented and gifted songwriter and musician..."
Carol Boehms, Director at Country Music Foundation.

E-Mail: cpaulm@earthlink.net