Renee Sutton, LPC as a licensed professional counselor and Interfaith Chaplain has been passionately involved in the art of living and facilitating change. From a corporate visionary and implementer to a survivor of multiple life-altering conditions, she now advocates for higher standards and conscious-aware changes in the treatment of health conditions. Accomplishments in the corporate world through her leadership and organization efforts, demonstrated achievement of business objectives and also in her mission to serve others in their personal growth. See the Video from 2002 where she shares more about her personal success in beating cancer and caregiver burnout.

Renee now directs her knowledge towards the area where crisis abounds--health care. She gained formal training in various holistic approaches, which once was a hobby for her own lifestyle and wellness. Renee overcame the damaging effects of stress and cancer using conventional and complementary (and sometimes alternative) medicine and therapies, most importantly with God's compassion and guidance.

Her mission is to empower others to be the project manager of their whole health using energy-neurological changing approaches. She teaches individuals or groups on how the quality of our energy seems to be a mind, body, spiritual, emotional matter easily observable by others in the "spiritual essence or attitude or quality of work", and it can affect the physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Research studies are showing the negative results of repeated stress, shock, or trauma. The results also show that we can prevent and even change the negative energy-producing effects from these and neurological problems. If addressed during childhood, better results are suggested. Sutton joins forces with other providers to address adolescents and children mental health issues, blending body awareness, experiential and play therapy for development of positive personal and social behaviors along with deriving spiritual meaning and growth.

To inspire others for holistic health care, s
he is trained as a couselor and a Practitioner in the Healing Arts :
  • Masters in Professional & Christian Counseling 2013 - Liberty University
  • Certified Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) with Butterfly Effects
  • Stress Management Instructor Certification at Paramount Wellness Institute
  • Healing Touch certified through Colorado Center for Healing Touch
  • Jin Shin TARA for the Resolution of Shock and Trauma (founded Dr. Stephanie Mines) certified as a Self-Care teacher and certificate in the Foundations program
  • Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry and annointing oils with a Christian mission founded by Linda Smith
  • Energy Medicine taught by Donna Eden
  • Nursing assistant licensed in South Carolina
  • Pastoral Care at Iliff Theology School and hospital chaplaincy program
  • Fitness Certifications in Yoga and Group through Fitour

Renee has facilitated adult education and groups over the past 30 years. Speaking engagements include various health associations, conferences, corporations, community events, and continuing education providers. Her past experience in personnel management and career counseling provides a complementary foundation in her continuance to serve others in their spiritual growth. As an Interfaith Minister, she respects everyone's unique journey when helping those in a health crisis. With her integrated background, she also brings an energetic view into the work environment to address awareness of healing arts, personal integrity and workplace change to reduce stressful factors.

Her experience gained from participating in the end-to-end business processes are useful to any health care organization that desires adding new complementary, integrated services to their operation.

Affiliations include:

  • American Massage & Bodyworker Professionals
  • Healing Touch International
  • Young Living Essential Oil
  • Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.

Confidentiality and medical ethics are practiced at all times. Healthier Healing honors a person's highest thought for more in health. We do not diagnose, prevent, treat, prescribe, or cure any disease. If you suspect serious illness, seek appropriate medical advice promptly. Any form of therapeutic approach offered is not a substitute for conventional care but intended to work synergistically.

Additional information and references are available upon request. Better yet, visit one of the public events (appearances) or read more in Renee's upcoming book.

Her 30 years of business experience, six years as a Minister in her healing ministry, and ten years using biofield/energy techniques come together as an eclectic approach for improving mental and spiritual health. Her vision is to create Synergetic Wellness in one's healing journey, advancing health care to provide synergistic services and integrative, holisic options that promote higher consciousness in healing. Sutton equips caregivers and patients for the healthiest survivability possible. You can find her in family clinics, schools, hospitals, and nursing-homes. Her office is located at Beaufort Chiropractic on 703 Bladen Street, Beaufort, SC.