Improve your chances for success and wellness in a 90 day retreat with access to professionals in holistic treatments and coaching to help you form new healthy habits and increase emotional balance. De-stress and attend a variety of spiritual reflection, yoga, and mindfulness programs. Change your environment and your energy levels to recovery from recent crisis.  

Practice Holistic, Independent Living & Wellness Services

      I.     Leased living quarters for 3 months in a suite in Beaufort, SC marsh overlooking the Intercoastal waterway or steps away from the Fripp Island, SC beach.

    II.    Counseling with Integrative approach (not needed if counseling secured by another provider) using multiple mind, body, experiential, spiritual approaches based on individualized treatment plan and multi-cultural options. Some therapeutic interventions include CBT, Trauma-Focused CBT, Experiential therapy, Strength-based Solutions, Tools for Awakening Resources and Awareness (TARA) Approach for Resolution of Shock and Trauma, Biofield therapy, Bioenergetics.

III.     Integrative Wellness Support Services, which are brought into the home or attended at Ministries for Synergetic Wellness and other locations.  Program begins with a therapeutic assessment, individualized treatment plan with goals, and options for your needs and daily schedule.  

For example, the services may include supportive assistance and pre-planned behavior modification training for someone to secure long term living arrangements and a job, develop life and social skills, overcome recent crisis, and engage in positive community groups.

Examples of the type of integrative team members and services:

1)   Individualized treatment plan and spiritual assessment with licensed counselor

2)   Certified Nurse Assistant for Daily Care Plan Checkups

3)   Group classes in budget, food preparation, stress reduction

4)   Career Identification, Planning, and Support for securing employment or determine career change

5)   Assistance in seeking long term local residence

6)   Attending support and faith fellowship groups

7)   Planned wellness/social activities including participation in weekly local volunteer programs

8)   Support tools and resource in the apartment for life skills and job coaches

9)   Behavior Training to live alone or with roommate or change unwanted patterns

10)  Daily yoga, exercise, and meditation

11)  1-hour weekly or sometimes 3-day intensive therapeutic mind-body sessions

12) Screening for complementary health options to be integrated for acupuncture, massage, chiropractic

IV.            Community Mental Health Partners and Integrative Medicine practitioners that provide services in-home and/or at outpatient locations

V.             Transportation assistance through current agencies and local free shuttle

VI.           Participation in Integrative Medicine Samplers 1/month and De-stress skill development classes 1/week

Criteria for 3-month Suite sublet:

a.     Independently Compliant with Medication
b.     No alcohol/substance/smoking in apartments
d.     Complete background check
e.     Cleared by doctor for unassisted living

To apply and obtain pricing, contact 843-770-9947.

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