Stress Reduction Seminars

Learn about stress and take steps to control unhealthy reactions and feelings. Techniques can be obtained in a single 1-2 hour class or develop a self-care system unique to you by taking the series. The seminars are conducive towards workplace stress, health care workers, and general public.

Stress Management in the Moment: a hands-on experience to learn a new way to live in the moment of crisis, shock, and trauma. You will come away with an understanding of yourself and techniques that put control back into your hands.

After attendance to this session, the participant will know:
- A basic understanding of stress and the body’s response to stressful or shocking events.
- How to identify causative factors for disharmonies erupted by every day stress in the work place.
- Inconspicuous methods to turn stressful energy into overcoming causative factors.
- How to create relaxation in moments of stress.

Manage Shocking Events - Do you know how to remain calm in a threatening event or a workplace accident? Turn your own stress reaction into action. Learn some natural techniques that you can use to overcome the affects of an adrenal rush. Become productive to assist others in overcoming shock. All the while, keep yourself healthy for the long term by de-stressing from the shocking event.

After attendance to this session, the participant will know:
- A basic understanding of the body’s response to shocking events and the long term affects of unresolved shock/trauma.
- Five points on the body to hold for calming and recovery in extreme stressful situations.
- The important symptoms to recognize in a traumatized person in order to execute safety and emergency procedures.
- Dialog for a person in shock to create a better chance for both parties to recover healthier from the shocking event.

Change Your Life with Stress-Energy Management - Do you feel drained of energy. In times of low energy, do painful memories or aches begin to haunt you? You can change your reaction to certain situations! Discover how you can obtain overall wellness using three key actions everyday that can help change your mind, body, and spirit to mange your energy and respond to stress more effectively.

After attendance to this session, the participant will know:
- A basic understanding of the body's bio-fields, which influence reactions to distress, and one's unique causative factors.
- How to build a unique self-care plan to de-stress, protect, and energize from stressful or shocking events.
- Methods to re-pattern their own physical and emotional reaction to stressful behaviors in the workplace or home.

Care-giver Survival - Do you push yourself to hard - not take care of yourself? Learn how shock and trauma contribute to stress buildup. Turn the shock and trauma experienced by your patients, clients, or family members into an opportunity for your own healing. Come away centered and with techniques to rejuvenate in a caregiver role while awakening your healer qualities.

After attendance to this session, the participant will:
- Recognize the potential long term affects of unresolved shock or trauma.
- Identify where the effects of shock and trauma may be hiding in your own life.
- State and activate a healing quality to embrace shocking and traumatic situations.
- Examine and apply a process for uncovering and resolving deeply felt traumas or habitual behaviors that hinder one's truth or healthiness.
- Experience subtle energy in your bio-field using specific acupressure points that diffuse stressful responses.

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