Keynote Topics
Build a Lifetime of Energy for Your Sole Purpose - don't run on empty just doing a job at work - step into your real, heartfelt passions by overcoming your fears and building a reservoir of energy. Both Chris and Renee can share on this topic, combining live music.

Health Empowerment - Take responsibility in your health care by actively learning the three ingredients that you can combine with traditional treatments to achieve beyond the expected recovery and for healthier healing in the conventional treatment model.

Synergetic Wellness™ - Create a healing presence in health care enviornments by advancing the health care competencies (skills and character values) that bring about nurturing, compassionate care for the patient where the professional benefits, too.

Survive the Care-Giving Role and a Marriage - Healthcare professionals need nurturing too! An entertaining duo, Renee and Chris as husband and wife, gives the audience new ways to interact with each other while under duress. These healthy techniques open the door to healing and greater recovery. Topic generically applies to all relationships.

God Brings Healing in Different Packages - audiences are inspired to become aware and feel the healing presence and guidance, which everyone deserves. Those in a church audience learn ways to find their healing path while listening to Christopher Paul's beautiful and soothing original music.

Stress Reduction Seminars
Is life changing on you? Take back control during life-altering, stressful, or shocking events. Learn how in one class or develop a self-care system unique to you by creating a series.

Stress Awareness Week: schedule a week for your organization of learning the many ways to relax and renew your mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Learn various meditations, breathing exercises, physical movements (like yoga and meridian stretches) dialogue, journaling, creative anger skills, habit-forming tips, and arts.

Stress Management in the Moment:
a hands-on experience to learn a new way to live in the moment of crisis, shock, and trauma. You will come away with an understanding of yourself and techniques that put control back into your hands.

Manage Shocking Events - Do you know how to remain calm in a threatening event or a workplace accident? Turn your own stress reaction into action. Learn some natural techniques that you can use to overcome the affects of an adrenal rush. Become productive to assist others in overcoming shock. All the while, keep yourself healthy for the long term by de-stressing from the shocking event.

Change Your Life with Energy Management - Do you feel drained of energy. In times of low energy, do painful memories or aches begin to haunt you? You can change your reaction to certain situations! Discover how you can obtain overall wellness using three key actions everyday and which can change your mind, body, and spirit to respond differently.

Care-giver Survival - Do you push yourself to hard - not take care of yourself? Learn how shock and trauma contribute to stress buildup. Turn the shock and trauma experienced by your patients, clients, or family members into an opportunity for your own healing. Come away centered and with techniques to rejuvenate in a caregiver role while awakening your healer qualities.

Introductions to Energy Medicine Techniques
Are you interested in learning the science and techniques behind the "new medicine" being used for comfort care? Request an introduction to the Healing Touch Program™, Donna Eden's Energy Medicine, or TARA Approach. The biofield (energy fields) and meridians around and within our physical body can become blocked or stagnate, causing us to feel out of sorts and may be even very early signs of disease. Learn the basics, medical studies, and some simple techniques to change the electromagnetic disharmony into a sense of comfort.

TARA Approach Self-Care Introductory Level (JIN SHIN) - In 2 days obtain a certificate for nursing or massage therapist CEU's in TARA Approach Self-Care while you learn your own healing needs. Experience energetic releases with a self-aware dialogue that creates an opportunity to heal from shock and trauma. Learn the identifiers for determining yours or another's imbalances. Learn 12 meridians and their 26 pressure points taught in JIN SHIN Jyutsu and in relation to common conditions. A nurturing modality for healthcare professionals to use with clients and patients in private or in an healthcare environment. Click on workshop name for learning objectives and additional information.

Christopher Paul performs instrumental and song to create inspiration for audiences that are in a health care crisis. Chris' courage to walk again has unfolded greater solution possibilities and hope in the journey of healing. He talks of the most important thing to do in life--"listen to the little voice". Provide both message and song at your next event.

Check appearances schedule for a date and location near you. The registration process is located in the specific event detail. Private and individualized training or sessions suitable for your schedule is available upon request.

Individual Sessions
Renee offers private sessions
to bring renewed energy into your healing quest using any of the modalities of: counseling, Healing Touch, Jin Shin TARA, Energy Medicine, pastoral care, and Spiritual Ministry Healing Touch. See other classes and group teleconferences currently running.

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